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Sippi Cup Family Hash House Harriers

123 Main st.
Davenport,  IA 52807

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Sippi Cup Family Hash House Harriers

This family friendly hash trail is aimed at providing a fun trail, cold beer, and quality family time. ANY hasher is welcome-- just check your potty-mouth and PG-13/R/XXX behavior at home. But feel free to bring your kids!!!!

Open to anyone over the age of 0

Down-downs are linguistically challenged to not include any words that should not be repeated in elementary school.

Sippi Cup Family Hash House Harriers (SCFH3) is a drinking club with a running problem in the Quad Cities, Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, and Bettendorf.

Tired of finding a babysitter for hashes? Wish that you could spend more time as a family while still participating in your Hash Life? You deal with dirty diapers on a regular basis, but could do without potty mouths and seeing grown-up parts?

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Founded: October 30, 2016

Categories: Organization

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