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River Hydrology

06/24/2017 01:00 PM

@ Wapsi River Environmental Education Center
31555 52nd Ave

River Hydrology

The hydrologic cycle is the driving force in weather. Forecasters at the National Weather Service are constantly observing ongoing trends in this cycle to forecast your daily weather as well as river levels locally, and across the country. Knowing what the river levels are and how they are expected to change is important for people who recreate near and on the rivers.

Jessica Brooks from the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities will present on the hydrologic cycle, how the NWS forecasts river levels, where to look for information on river levels and forecasts, as well as providing information on flooding and drought. There will also be an interactive flood model available for attendees to visualize how water moves through watersheds and how human involvement in the landscape impacts the overland flow of water.

Please call the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center to register at 563-328-3286.

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